Kirchheiner El-tekniks history

Founded in 1946

The company was founded by Svend Kirchheiner who started his installation business in January 1946, as sole proprietorship in Tønder. The first employee joined in July 1946 – when Svend Kirchheiner hired the first apprentice.

In February 1947, Svend Kirchheiner hired the first journeyman. Svend Kirchheiner's business was an ordinary installation business, which primarily dealt with building installations and repair of various electrical appliances.

Extension of the forejug

Svend Kirchheiner was an enterprising man, and in 1947 he opened a lamp shop in Storegade, and shortly after in 1952 he opened a new and larger shop in Vestergade, which traded in white goods.

Svend Kirchheiner's installation business grew steadily and steadily, and at one point the company had up to 50 employees. In addition to the two shops in the city center, Svend Kirchheiner chose to build an office and warehouse and garages in one of the city's industrial districts.

New construction on Nørremarksvej

The building was inaugurated on 1 May 1965, and consisted of the main building containing Kirchheiner El-teknik today. Svend Kirchheiner was a busy man who in 1970 was elected as Tønder's first Liberal Party mayor. He still ran his business next to the mayoralty, and he did much to develop Tønder's business community. Svend Kirchheiner was one of the driving forces behind the location of Hartmann and Hydro in Tønder, the city's two largest industrial companies.

Generational change 1973

In 1972, Svend Kirchheiner called his engineering-trained son Frank Kirchheiner home from Copenhagen, which was meant by Frank to help with the running of the extensive company.

But in 1973, Svend Kirchheiner died unexpectedly and suddenly, and Frank Kirchheiner became the 28-year-old boss of 50 employees.

Frank Kirchheiner initiated a shift in the company's course, and focused on the industry and followed the huge developments that were taking place in the field of industrial engineering.

During Frank's 33 years at Kirchheiner Electrical Engineering, the company evolved from an installation business to being a modern electrical engineering company with primary employment in industrial electricity and automation.

Change of ownership 2008

In 2008, Frank Kirchheiner and his wife chose to sell the family business. Which at this point needs a generational change. Claus Brinck takes over Kirchheiner El-Teknik ApS on 1 July 2008. Claus comes from a position of director in an automation and management company.

It is intended from the outset to try to maintain the culture that is in the company. At the same time, small changes are constantly being implemented to optimize and renew the business, so that customers can always get up-to-date and optimal service.

Change of ownership 2019

In 2019, Claus Brinck and his wife choose to sell a large part of the company to RoboTool A/S in Vejen.
By unifying Kirchheiner's strength in electrical engineering and PLC programming, as well as RoboTool's strength in mechanical design and robotics knowledge, the overall position vis-ing of customers becomes stronger.
Within each company, "best practice" is implemented by both companies and synergies are proving pretty quick after. Culturally similar companies are very similar and the cooperation develops to be confidential.