Who are we

Kirchheiner El-teknik is a modern electrical and automation company that solves technical tasks in a wide field. The company was founded in 1946 and has been involved in the electrical engineering industry ever since.


Today, Kirchheiner Provides Electrical Engineering services in four main areas:

  • Automation and robot
  • Electrical engineering and installation
  • Data and networks
  • Emergency power

Complex and simple

Kirchheiner El-teknik has 18 employees who are specialised in the company's five main areas.

The staff consists of programmers, hardware specialists, installers and electrical technicians.

This combination of competences means that Kirchheiner El-teknik can deliver a quality product – both in the case of large complex tasks and in the case of small routine tasks.

Locally, nationally and internationally

Kirchheiner Electrical Engineering serves customers locally, nationally and internationally. We service large industrial companies such as Hydro Aluminium, Hartmann, Ecco, Rose Poultry and Danish Crown.

Our customers also include a number of public institutions such as. Tønder Municipality, Southern Jutland Hospital and the Armed Forces.

Quality on time

Kirchheiner El-teknik is a company that comes with the times.

Our employees are constantly updated in their field so that the technical solutions are always up to date.

Our goal is always to deliver a service that meets our customers' expectations and requirements – on time.